Gym Workouts Progressing – Wounds Too, But Slowly

Tuesday night saw my second recumbent bike workout at the gym.  I upped the duration 5 min and finally went up to the full peak values (although only a 30 sec duration rather than 60 sec).  One more gym workout and I should be at my levels for there.  Should I feel up for a commute Thursday or Friday I have no concerns about the fitness levels for that.

The only ‘minus’ has been that the larger scab seems to have opened up in a couple of small sections.  The AC at work really dries things up too much.  I’m now covering up the more serious ones so that they maintain the right consistency.  This seems to be facilitating good progress.

It looks like that those opened places may have finally closed up again overnight.  We’ll see how that goes and if it will allow some outdoor riding later this week.


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