Final Major Training Ride – Check!

Well, after the events of the last few weeks, and not getting back on the bike until Thursday (only 14 mi.), I never thought it’d go this smoothly making the transition to being ready to ride the century.

Today I rode 71 miles with about 5400 ft (Garmin & Strava) or 6300 ft of climbing (leaning toward the former).  Feel free to check out my ride stats here, if you’re interested.  It was tempting to stop and take a number of pictures while riding along Piuma Ridge, but I wanted to keep things simple for today and I have a number of photographs just like it already.  Perhaps I’ll add those later/

The scrapes are now only covered by a handful of bandaids, while on the ride the other spots get  extra protection in the form of sun screen AND sun sleeves.  Things are healing nicely.  I think I have everything dialed in for big ride next weekend.

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